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Welcome UCLA Campus Web Publishers (CWP)

"The CWP team is a great place to ask questions and find answers about the direction of web services and web technologies throughout the campus.  I found the meetings invaluable as they often covered topics that were relevant to my work: SEO, Usability, UCLA styles and guidelines.  I've also found the real-world demos to be very informative" -Chris Cabrera Thompson (UCLA Lab School)

The UCLA Campus Web Publishers (CWP) is a forum for people on campus where one can come to learn, share, and explore new and existing technologies and ideas. It's a great place to connect with people across the UCLA community.

Meetings are open to everyone on campus.  Presentations and discussions are given on Web Technologies, Design concepts, Content Management Systems and everything in between. Members have technical backgrounds, others come from the publications side and many are are one member IT support teams. You don't have to be technology savvy- just come with your questions and feel confident that someone else has probably run across the same issue and/or concern. 

Make sure you join the group's listserv to keep abreast with the latest updates and discussions. Helping each other is what Campus Web Publishers is all about!

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